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The 101 Group
with Jim and Merry Corbett


The 101 Group is the website of the Corbett family.
Jim Corbett is the author of several in print books,
most notably "A White Stone".
We recommend signing up for Jim's daily newsletter/blog:
known by many as "Father's Heart Messages".

Additionally you can connect with
The 101 Group Facebook site.

Have launched on 05 May 2019
(3:00PM US Central Standard Time)
(10:00PM South African local time)




Lion Heart Ministries


Cape Town, South Africa based
Lion Heart Ministries exists to:

Create a space of safety and upliftment
for vulnerable woman and children

Help women and children who have been
the victims of rape, abuse and neglect.

Assist struggling families or single moms
with food and clothing via a food bank

Transform society by defining specific needs
of a community and assist that community
in achieving their God-given goals

See woman come into total freedom
as lids, limitations and glass ceilings are removed.



Jamie Buckingham


Some may only know of Jamie Buckingham, as the writer who worked with Nicky Cruz, to author the now legendary book, "Run Baby Run", the story of Nicky Cruz's coming to faith in Christ, by the ministry of David Wilkerson.
Risky Living, by Jamie Buckingham, was one of the first books I bought as a new Christian, back in the last half of the 1980's.
I bought more of Jamie Buckingham's books after that in the 1990's too and a significant portion of my journey of faith as a Christian was formed by his writing.
Jamie Buckingham's books are more relevant now than ever before and I believe that, in God's economy, his writings have been preserved for this present day.
The Holy Spirit had surely inspired as he wrote then, to touch on the "off course" world of now.
I can't imagine that, as Jamie Buckingham wrote of finding God's hidden treasures, on one of his several Sinai trips, that he would ever have imagined the treasure of God he was penning at the time. Treasure that today's world desperately needs to find.
I've recently re-read all of his books (that I had bought) and the message is for this day and age, more than when I first read them.
Jamie Buckingham (1932-1992), was a man who opened his life's highlights, joys, failures, imperfections, struggles and growth, with God inspired raw honesty, to a world that possibly couldn't fully receive it then, but certainly needs it today.
I only discovered the news of Jamie's passing, once the infant internet had come to South Africa and was deeply grieved to hear the news, yet now privileged to share this website for this current age, which is managed by Jamie's son, Bruce, of
Risky Living Ministries Inc.



Rapture Ready

One of the very first prophecy and end time related web sites on the internet that remains current and relevant.
Rapture Ready now has thousands of pages of very valuable information both from historic authors right up to current events.

If you doubt the time we are living in may well be the prophesied "end of days", then a visit to this site will give you more than enough to re-look at the "hour" of the present.



Ken Collins' Web Site


Ken Collins has provided a very comprehensive site
filled with information that covers current trends and
explains the details of the Christian church functions,
ordinances and practices in a practical non-denominational way.



John McTernan's Insights


John McTernan offers a blog related to the end times
by focusing on current relevant issues
which are unfolding in our time that
are related to prophecy from the Bible.



Laridian Bible Software


Laridian is the home of the PocketBible.
There are free Bible software sites on the web,
but Laridian offers PC and almost all mobile device
Bibles, Dictionaries, Commentaries and much more
for reasonable prices.
If you serious about Bibles and Bible study
then Laridian offers a wide range of products.

The ability to buy once and use on multiple platforms
is truly the really great bonus that Laridian offers.



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